Why Join?

People join Freemasonry for all sorts of reasons, here are just a few….

Because it’s a lot of fun!

A Masonic Lodge provides wide ranging opportunities for socialising, having fun, and making new friends.

Because it’s worthwhile!

Freemasonry is a worthwhile way to spend some of your free time. It provides a real chance to make a positive impact in the Community and to make a real difference to the lives of people who are in need of assistance.

Because it’s a challenge!

Looking for a Challenge?

The various aspects of running a Lodge provide real life experience in such diverse areas as Administration, Financial Management, Event Planning, Fundraising, Training & Education, Public Speaking, and Social Welfare.

Because it’s fascinating!

Freemasonry affords its members the chance to become part of a rich historical and cultural tradition which has existed for over 300 years.

Because it’s relevant!

Freemasonry remains relevant in the 21st Century because it addresses real issues and real needs.

Because it’s open!

Freemasonry is inclusive.

We’ve been celebrating Diversity for
hundreds of years!

Membership is open to people from all walks of life regardless of Race, Creed, or Nationality

Before applying to join our Lodge here are a few things you need to know

You don’t have to be introduced, or to know someone
who is a Freemason.

All Freemasons are required to have a belief in a
Supreme Being.

Membership is open to men who are over the
age of 21 years
(18 in certain circumstances).

All Freemasons are required to obey the law and to be good citizens.

Freemasons are specifically prohibited from using their masonic affiliations to further their own (or anyone else’s) business interests.

Freemasons regularly donate money to Charity.
No one, however, is asked to donate more than
they can afford.

A Freemason’s first duty is always the well-being
of his family.

If you think you might like to join the more than 200,000 Freemasons in England and Wales, get in touch today.