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Freemasonry & Genealogy

With a documented history extending as far back as 1646, Masonic records are a valuable resource for people engaged in Genealogical research.

Records held by Lodges, The United Grand Lodge of England, Provinces and various masonic Museums around the country; contain a treasure trove of social history and give a priceless insight into the lives of long lost ancestors.

Anyone joining a Lodge would have had his name, age, address and occupation recorded. Lodge minutes would then record his activity within the Craft for the duration of his membership.

With many of these records now available online they are easier to access than never before.

Major online players in the industry are now promoting this, as you can see from this video. It’s a few years old now and a bit “scripted”, but it is factually correct (although the age at which you can join is now being reduced to 18). The shots of the interior of the art deco masterpiece that is Freemasons Hall in London are beautiful.

It just goes to show what a pivotal role Freemasonry has played in the history and cultural development of the UK. Even the english language has adopted phrases with a masonic origin such as “Past Master”, “On the Level “, “Hoodwinked”, “Blackballed” and “The Third Degree” all of which are still in current usage.